Welcome to the Staffordshire Shropshire Dystonia Support Group website.

We hope the information will give you a better insight into the condition Dystonia.

The Staffs. and Shrops. Dystonia Soc. works towards heightening awareness, understanding and empathy (support) for sufferers and their family by fundraising for local facilties and treament

Dystonia represents one side of a dichotomy in life, there are those who have Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis and just as importantly and no less tragic there are also those who have Dystonia. There are those who are fortunate enough to escape any such heartless infliction and who all too often are utterly unaware of the misery and suffering that such diseases can cause.

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Awareness however, may only be obtained through the education of people, be they medical personnel or other members of society, for education about the condition breeds knowledge. Knowledge being the highest pinnacle of awareness, for knowledge itself results in empowerment of empathy and understanding. One of the many desires of Dystonia sufferers is to be accepted and acknowledged, but how do we go about educating people in order to achieve this aim?

We have set up a voluntary self-help group for the support of both the sufferers, carers and their family. We meet quarterly on the second Saturday of the month at 12 noon

The Quality Hotel,
Pinfold Lane,
ST19 5QP

Tel: 01785 712459

Anyone whishing to contact us for help, support or information on these meetings, please contact: Mrs Susan Day and Miss Joanne Day on: 01543 504393

Staffs and Shrops Dystonia Group