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Server Up! | May 27, 02 | Posted by Sett

Alright kiddies, she's back up and running full speed. Here's the message I got from 'The Hamster' aka Jeremy our tech god:

"I apologize for the server being down today. Something in the data center
flaked out, and the NetGS servers went down. Your server is back up, with
totally re-worked configs. I did that during the down time we had. Let me
know if there are anythings we need to hammer out from this restored config."

So, it didn't happen like we planned it, but it happened none the less. Brand new configs. This means that if you see anything abnormal you need to pay a call to your local EFH forum and let us know what the beef is. We've also got a supah sekrat undacuvah agent working on a Flash intro for us. Ok, well it's not that scret. Discombobulator is going to attempt to meet the demands of this site, and we'll all bear witness to his successes and/or failures. I've given him the idea of what I want for the site, and hopefully he can deliever.. we shall see.

By the way.. anyone catch Star Wars: Episode II? If you haven't yet, your on your way to becoming a loser. Yoda owns you. I'll bet he uses OGC.

Server Down! | May 26, 02 | Posted by Sett

Well it looks as if the guys at NetGS took us down for maintenance, which is just as well. Most likely it's going to be a full-reinstall like we requested, with from-scratch configs so there's no deviance from the norm. By the way, don't be afraid to test out the maps we have on the voteable list. Most folks like them so far, but we need input from everyone on what to keep, what to pull, what to snag for new ones.. yadda yadda. We also need you guys to tell us what maps have bugs so we can either get a fixed version or pull the map entirely after review.

On a lighter note, CSNation have the results from the "1.3 V/S 1.4 Jumping" poll as the promised, and are now asking for a second poll to validate the results, since we've all had a month to play around with that ludacris pause after jump (sorry, I'm jaded). Basically 1.3 won the first round, and again is winning the second round, so don't forget to go and vote. When all is said and done, I do believe I remember a promise from rizzuh that they will cover the issue if the responses are good enough. As influential as CSN is within the entire community, here's to hoping they will have some weight to get VALVe to change it back. If not, I, like the rest of you, will adapt and overcome (as most of you have already, myself included) for the long haul.

Expect a post from either myself or Yobobobolubage as soon as the server is back online.

Server Overhaul! | May 25, 02 | Posted by Sett

Well, as some of you have noticed the server has been performing less then optimal for the last week or so. We've noticed it too, and that's why we got on the horn with NetGS guys. Basically we're going to go for a full re-install of all software, and brand new configs done fat-finger. So if you should see that the server is down for any length of time, that's probably what's going on.

And again, I'm gonna show some EFH love to Jeremy, who some of you know as 'The Hamster' (he runs on the wheel that runs the mapchanger, and moonlights as our techie). The dude works at home sometimes fixing our stuff, if he doesn't get to it at work. That's dedication to your people.

Now if we can just get everyone the same ping as liqshot and elf.. I think we'd be straight. On a lighter note, if you have something that you want to see introduced to the site, let us know. Got some CS artwork that you want displayed? Got a screenshot that's mad silly and you want to submit it for our pic of the week? Hit us up. You guys drive the train, and point it in the direction you want the server and site to go.

EFH Blasted on CSNation! | May 21, 02 | Posted by Sett

If you didn't see it, we got hit on CSNation. Now, ahem, correct me if I'm wrong.. but isn't that.. completely bad ass? Check it out. CSN lookin out for the little guy. We also seem to be getting some static on their response posts, so I had to step in and say something else. Basically, some are jealous that we got blasted by CSN, and some just want to cause trouble and defame anyone they can. Just remember, there are very few Hawaiian servers that run high-capacity and run fast, and aren't lan-cafe's. We're just trying to stand up there with a handful of others, here to give you dynamic gameplay.

In commemoration of this completely wicked event, we've changed the mapcycle. Ok, not really, we didn't change it just for CSN, but there was a bug in the Rats3 map that we were running, so we took it off the rotation. In it's stead, we put awp_snowfun, which seems to be a hit anyways.

Speaking of hits, cs_mario_b2 seems to have quite a large fan base. Seems we qued a sense of nastalgia in you guys.. just to add to the flavor, I went and added an extra perk to my game. I added the goomba skin for the chicken, so now cs_mario_b2 is complete for me! Ya, so now all my chickens are goombas, but hey.. it's a new game when your shooting goombas instead of helpless chickens.. I always got killed by those flying goombas..

Make sure you regulars check out the new forums. We need feedback to give you guy what you want (I know, I know.. stats are coming I swear!!!). Yobobobo's been doing some crazy things with the colors, and it's looking pretty good. Got some goodies from CS Net we're trying out.. mixed with some Yobolubage style. As always, we're the ever-evolving EFH, so check us out for changes everyonce in a while.

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